Things 3 App Reviews

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Great Improvements in version 3

I find Things a great option when you're not quite ready for the complexity of Omnifocus, but really need to track all the areas and responsibilites of your life. Much less of a learning curve, much easier to maintain system.

The Best Task Management App

I have never really been good at keeping up with my todo list. This app combined with the iPhone version really has made me more productive. And it's beautiful to look at.

Font Size too small

The font size on the Things 3 Mac app is way too small. It’s totally inconvenient when you use it with high-resolution screen settings and it slows down your effectiveness which is counterproductive. Goal setting is such an important aspect of managing your life and an experience like this totally overshadows the great features the software provides. Apparently, this issue already exists for 5 years and customers consistently complain but the development team doesn't seem to care about accessibility issues at all. For me, that's a no-go and I can't recommend Things 3 because of that. They pretend to be "design centered", but they don't get the basics right. 1 star review for the poor usage experience and headache it comes with.


By far the best. My only, only wish is that there was the ability to create headings in "Today" view- it would be great to be able to separate my daily tasks into groups of things I plan to do at a particular location, and I find the tags cumbersome for this purpose.

not too sure how i feel yet

Not quite sure how I feel about Things 3 yet. On one hand, it's a good application with a clean User Interface that lets me know what I need to do witihout being too clunky. However, after having used a competitor's (also read: popular) to do application, this app makes it difficult to reprioritize the importance of tasks (and make it obvious that it takes precedence over the other tasks), or to quickly move them to a different date. I want to like this application and spent a lot of money on the Mac OS app, but in the long run, not sure if I'll be sticking to it. Hoping that they address these issues and make it easier for the user to navigate on the desktop application.

Game Changer

Warning: Things 3 has a specific workflow and very much follows the GTD method, and if you're looking to have a workflow different from that, this is not the app for you. That said, this is an extremely solid product and the best GTD app I've used, bar none. I've used Todoist, TickTick, Wunderlist (before it got sunsetted), and more, and this is still my favorite of all time. While it's a hefty price, it's still cheaper within two years of purchase than any subscription app, and it performs solidly. I have to say that smart autofill is absolutely amazing - it can extract email URIs from the mail app, website names links from Chrome, and more - it's definitely been amazing for quickly adding tasks even though it lacks the NLP input of Todoist. It also has proper task management, with tags, subtasks, comments, projects, and project areas, to easily sort to-dos. The biggest factor for me is that there is no task limit per project - this is amazing, especially as I consume a lot of music and consistently have 200 albums/songs/mixes on my backlog (new music never stops coming out!) and Things 3 still runs flawlessly.

Great Product, One complaint

This is a great product for keeping my work related task and project lists. I'd give it 5 stars if there were a way to save off reports of completed tasks and projects. Having to save as a PDF from the print dialog is not an effective way to do this. I have sumbitted a feature request so this could be incorporated in a future release.

Wunderlist > Todoist > Things3

I’m a fan of GTD. I love how Things3 supports this. I love how intuitive Things3 is. I love how I can essentially have 4 levels of list nesting (area, project, todo, tasks). I love how my tags auto appear as filters in any view. I love the simple yet elegant user experience - the fonts & layout. I love that it’s a 1-time purchase vs a subscription.

One of the most intuitive softwares I’ve ever used. Buy this program.

I’ve never written a review before, but I just had to for this software. I’m a doctoral student with what feels like a billion projects, deadlines, meetings, and classes to schedule. I originally used a combination of Google Classroom and a paper planner, with iPhone reminders and post-it notes filling in the blanks. I finally bit the bullet and bought Things 3 for my desktop. I have never looked back. Everything about Things 3 works exactly the way I want it to. The developers clearly paid attention to user needs and pathways, because they seemed to intuit my moves before I even knew them. Things 3 includes desktop quick-entry command godes, calendar integration, drop down bulleted checklists, and easy moveability. Finally, everything is in one place, organizable, taggable, with deadlines, “Someday” catch-alls, and countless other goodies. I love Things 3 so much. I am a broke-as-hell PhD student, and I not only paid full price for Things 3, but also purchased the mobile app. I would do it again. If you’re juggling countless projects and deadlines, this is the program for you. If you’re a teacher or in higher education, this is the program for you. If you just want to be able to see all of your tasks, obligations, plans, and projects in one easy, intuitive, pleasant space, this is the program for you. I first wrote this review in February of 2018. It’s now mid-October and Things 3 is still the most essential app in my arsenel. I use it to manage my teaching, my research, my personal obligations, errands, bills, publications, applications, and many other moving parts of my professional and personal life. I cannot reccomend this app highly enough.

Outstanding todo app that is almost perfect

I absolutely love Things 3. I think I tried just about every todo app out there (Todoist, OmniFocus, Asana, etc..) and Things 3 is the only one that I keep coming back to. It has a beautifly intuitive UI, keeps task managment simple which reduces cognative load, and takes full advantage of the power of the macOS and iOS platforms. The only features I really would like to see in future updates are: 1. Better organized, time-based notes. Having all of my notes in one textbox for long running tasks gets a little cluttered. 2. A way to see/filter when a task was created. I really have no insight when tasks were added to my system and should really be addressed. When all tasks are relatively equal in priority, sometimes completing the oldest one is the best way to go.

I’ve tried ‘em all and this is the best

I’ve tried many time management techniques - GTD, Kanban, Autofocus - and am now doing a hybrid of them all. Things works elegantly for any workflow. I’m impressed.

Remember everything

Things not only allows my to see what events are happening, but the app interfaces very well with Calendar. Tasks can be imported from the iOS reminders app too. I’ve been forgetting things that needed to be done, but this app takes care of the worry. The interface is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

Sync Service is a let down

Spent almos $60 for the iPhone and MacOS version just to find that they service to sync to-do's is very slow , sometimes I have to spend some minutes , restart the app or get into de Inbox to see my entries updated , how can I rely on this ? Why don't just use iCloud .

Can't connect to Things Cloud since Mojave update...

The app crashes whenever I try to turn on Things Cloud in Mojave. :(

Beautiful Task Manager

I am always torn between Things and Omnifocus. With both apps now at version 3 and both offering a lot of functionality it is even tougher to decide. With that said, I find myself liking Things 3 best. It is so well designed and so easy to get tasks entered, searched and completed that I find it works better for me than Omnifocus. Not a thing wrong with Omnifocus, and everyone has different needs and ways of working, but for my particular needs Things 3 is just about perfect. The new Dark Mode also makes a big difference! Great app.

Slow on large databases

Great task manager but advanced users with a large database will find that the app will randomly freeze for anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds when resheduling tasks. I reported this issue in May 2017 and I am still waiting for a resolution.

Dark Mode

Loving the new Dark Mode in Mojave. However, the Mac widget in dark mode is black text on a dark grey background and pretty unreadable.

Not Accessible for VoiceOver Users....

This is the best day planner and task manager app on the market for Mac and IOS users. As a blind customer who went ahead and bought every version (phone, iPad, Mac) believing the Editors Choice Award, I was disappointed to find its inaccessible with screen reading software. Shame on you.

The backbone of my daily life

I have used Things for a few years now, and it still remains part of my daily (hourly, even) workflow. I was a bit hesitant initially to switch to V. 3 because of the cost, and after I finally pulled the trigger I never looked back. Given what this app does for me, and has done for me for years now, the purchase price was negligible. I am happy to use my money to support people who are creating tools like this in the world. I look forward to many more years of using Things and many more relevant and skillful upgrades to come.

Very good but pricy

Very good product but too expensive

Basically perfect

Can’t ask for any more from a task manager. This has all the flexibility, extensions, and power to handle ANY individual’s workflow. If you can afford this app, it really is the best that money can buy! Hopefully will see good dark mode support in MacOS Mojave

Needs to add some basic enhancements to be worth the price

I’ve been using Things for a year, and I find myself continually reverting back to using Evernote for my to-do lists because Things is lacking a few *basic* things that would be absolute game-changers to the UX: - Select multiple to-dos and add tags. Really not sure why this isn’t already a feature. Instead you have to click on each to-do individually to add tags, which is very time-consuming. - Adding Priority. I really want to be able to look at my “Today” and see what is the most important task for me that day, it’s impossible to see that with the tags as-is, since the tags cannot be differentiated well (by color, for example). - Text modifications in notes. The notes feature is TOO basic. You can’t even bold text, let alone add hyperlinks or attach files. It would also be great if you could add notes to specific sections in a project, not just to the project as a whole. Sad to say I feel like I wasted my money for a beautiful app (for desktop and iOS) that just isn’t delivering on some basics. Might have to start looking for a different To-Do app if these features aren’t added soon.

Things Gets Things Done and more...

Having tried Todoist, Asana and others which proved to be either a longer learning curve or just to complex for a simple guy like me, I decided once more to try out a new app that might serve as a platform for GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) and can happily say THIS IS IT!!! Up and running quickly I immediately found it offering so much interactive functions with my calendar and Siri, it quickly both imported my reminders and notes and imported them as well so now everything is in one place, easily accessible in my iMac, MacBook Air and my iPhone with just a command or touch of a button and delightfully simple to use yet complete enough to both capture my thoughts, lists, and projects and organizes them with recognizable headers and easy to move list items to other headers when needed. Has all the “repeatable” functions and more. I have share this with another GTD enthusiast and he has found it just as I have. I do recommend that if you are or are not a GTD practitioner, you check out David Allen’s podcast (EP:1) to get an “under the hood apreciation of what THINGS 3 can do for your life. It is not really a time manager but a “space manager” so you end up with more space in your mind so to speak accomplish the things you want. I know this sounds a bit strange or zen-like, but that is precisely what it is.

Best To-Do App for Me

I come from the GTD Methodology, and I’ve tried possibly dozens of apps like these, and for me this is the best one out there. The simplicity, but power, and overall cleannliness and GUI that looks as if Apple themselves designed it - it all works very well and makes me excited to get things done!

Lacks major functions, looks clean.

Cons! No collaboration feature for projects/Lists (shocking) Not even read-only live sharing of lists Its designed to be used by only one person Price is high (IMO) for the set of features offered Costs $49.99 + $19.99 + $9.99 for 1 person to use on iphone, ipad and mac. Pro Clean design Stable, reliable over time Mac version has a trial option

Incredible Productivity Booster

Things is an incredible product. Best task/life management app ever. You, dear reader, should get this app. Just visit their website to see all the features jammed into it, and you can get a free trial of it as well.

I've used all the rest, this one is the best - Things 3.0

I probably have used 20 other task management apps in both Mac OS and iOS. Nothing comes close to Things 3.0. It deploys with advanced features nested according to your skill level. It has the ability to be as sophisticated as you want, but at the same time it can be used with the utmost efficiency for the simplest of needs.

Couldn’t be better! I love this app

Hands down, this is my favorite task manager. It’s so intuitive to use. Excellent!

Productivity at its best, with room for improvement

Honestly, I would give Things a 4.5 rating, but since that’s not possible, I went with a 5.0 because for the most part, it has everything you need for lists. Things has helped get my work and life checklists together so that I can utilize my time as productively as possible. It’s simplicity is helpful in getting set up when you first start using the app. And then once you’ve gotten a feel for how you want to organize everything, you can begin using more of it’s more advanced features. I’ve been raving about it so much over the past few months that my boss even downloaded it so that he can start using it. If you make the most of the app, it’ll definitely help with projects and tasks, whether it’s for work or general life things. But again, it’s only going to be helpful if you continuously use it. There are a couple of things that I do wish the app had available. For example, similar to tags, I wish there was an option to color code to-do’s, as well as a way to select projects to show up in a master list (i.e. for the Today list, I would like to be able to select certain projects to be listed rather than everything tagged for Today as I have both personal and work things that I’d like to keep separate), and lastly the ability to send a project to another person with the app so that it will show up as a project not a plain text file. I also wish that the “Someday” option wasn’t part of the “When” feature and more on the “Due” feature. For ongoing projects, I like the idea of a “Someday” due date, but I’d like it to show up in my “Today” list as well. Otherwise, I don’t remember to work on it during free time. But as a whole, the program has excellent features that can be utilized when creating a new area or project, but depending on your personal preferences, it may or may not have the specific add-ons that you would like. While I do think there’s room for improvement, as a basic “To Do” list, it has everything you need to get going.


I love Things, it’s gorgeous and functional. My only ask is for the ability to collaborate with others and assign team tasks that everyone can see and interact with. It’s 2018, everything is collaborative today. If my Things 3 allows me to coordinate task management with others, I’ll rate it 5 stars all day long!

Excellent app for GTDers!

I use it in combination with GTD’s best practices. I use it with Mindnode to branstorm them copy the tasks. The calendar could be improved. However, it’s worth the investment on both iOS and Mac OS. The tags are excellent. I love that I can print the filtered tasks.

Yup. It’s a good one!

Works perfectly with my style of task management. They’ve thought about everything. Truly great. I would like to request for one freature in the future: adding a timer which you can enable when you start a task. I usually do it manually, and find it to be a great productivity tool. Overall, thanks for a great app!

Great on so many levels

The best To Do app I’ve ever used. I was resigned to the idea that I wouldn’t find one that met my needs, but this one is hitting home run after home run. It’s built on the right task principles. It’s robust, but simple enough to be used when the pressure is on. So many details beautifully thought out, as well. I stopped my work to write this review because I found that I could copy the bullet items from one checklist to another one with ease. That’s one of so many simple refinements that have caused me to smile since I started using the app about a month ago. So glad to have found this app!

Love it but…...

I recently purchased this app for all my devices (iPad Pro, iMac, and Iphone X) after reading all the reviews and despite concerns Cultured Code had been (seemingly) very slow in updating the app. I love the app but there is one major drawback. The drawback is so major in my opinion, I had to deduct 2 stars because it is driving me crazy and I may have to switch back to one of the previous apps I used. Otherwise, this is the killer task app- period, and I have owned them all. The specific drawback to this app is this: You cannot complete recurring tasks ahead of schedule. So, for example, I keep a running list of all expenses that must be paid by (not on) a certain date. Sometimes I will have down time and cash flow that allows me to pay expenses ahead of schedule (due date). Well, you simply cannot do this with things. Every other app I have used allows you to do this. For some reason, Things will not allow it. I searched the Internet for hours seeking a resolution or work around. Apparently, I am not the only one with this issue. I tweeted and Things was kind enough to tell me they are working on a resolution. But until then, this is the only thing keeping me from rating this app 5 stars.

Exceptional Time Management Tool

I have only been using this app for about two weeks but interface, native tools and ability to integrate with other apps is exceptional. It really helps break down and manage larger projects or goals and allows integrations of calendar information in order to see all upcoming tasks, appointments, deadlines, etc. in a single view. I would like to request the ability to 'collapse' notes throughout the app. For example if I create a new project and have a large note to add under the Area/Project name I would like the ability to 'collapse' the note so that I don't have to scroll to the bottom of the note before I see my first Project Heading or first To-Do. Thanks in advance!

Clean design, lots of functionality, intuitive

This is a great design. It looks sleek yet packs a lot of functionality. It has everything to enable a GTD workflow and never gets in the way. As a former Things 2 and OmniFocus 2 user, I love this app

Perfect balance of tools and minimalism

Task management apps are plentiful. It makes finding the right one very difficult. I personally went through dozens of task and to-do checklist apps before I found Things. And it was a year later when my usage had continued to increase that I knew it was the one. Things gives you just the right about of freedom and tools to do what you want, without ever feeling overwhelmed with options. The keyboard shortcuts on the Mac version make it indespensible. It’s the perfect companion to the iPhone app, which I use regularly. It’s integration with Siri is fantastic. Well worth the price! And no subscription fees, which is a BIG selling point for me.

Excellent app

Update; the crashes I was experiencing seem to have been resolved in 3.6. I'm very happy! All the superlatives are true: the app is both gorgeous and a pleasure to use. But on a daily basis, it strangely stops recording input. Items are duplicated. The animation for checking an item off is immediately reversed. The controls to move an item around have no effect. If you switch away to another page and back, the display appears to be fixed. Then it crashes, and anything you've entered since the beginning of the day is lost. I've tried pre-emptively quitting when it starts behaving strangely, but the data is still lost. I find it very strange, because I also use it at home and haven't experienced a quarter of the problems as on my work machine. I wonder if the difference is that I don't use Things Cloud at work, as I do with my personal items. Regardless, I may have to switch to another app for work todos. I'm not sure I can trust Things anymore.

Couldn’t run my business without it!

This App is Amazing. It makes it so easy to add tasks, set reminders, categorize by “tags”, create projects - all without seeming clunky or to time consuming. I highly recomend it to anyone and everyone. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

Good, pricey

I use this and it’s good at what it does but, considering its simplicity and role, I find the pricing quite high and annoying — $50 for the desktop, then an additional $10 for your phone, then an additional $20 for your iPad. If nothing else the $50 fee should cover all three platforms. And of course if you work across various devices then you won’t be getting this app’s full functionality or realizing all of its benefits if you restrict yourself to just one version. Also, in my workplace universe, which includes using the likes of Airtable, Basecamp, etc, Things fits into my personal workflow quite well, but it’s pricing sticks out. I know it’s a bit of apples to oranges comparing Things to the others, but considering the breadth and depth of operations they offer compared to the rather straightforward role of Things, something seems off with the cost. I’m in and it’s part of my workflow now so I won’t be walking away, but in retrospect I might have been OK without ever using it. Tough to say. If you think you need something like this, it’s a good solution. But if Apple’s “Reminders” or something else is mostly doing the trick for you already, then I'd keep walking.

Crashes on open

I love this app. My favorite to do list app by far. But recently every time I open it, it immediately crashes. All other apps work fine, so it isn't my mac. Please fix!

Buggy app

Since upgrading to 3.6: 1. The product still crashes DAILY 2. The sorting of tasks on the Today view doesn’t match the sorting inside the project itself - the support team is aware of this issue but refuses to recognize it as a bug 3. The tasks on the Today view duplicate at the start of every day - the support team acknowledges this bug, and hasn’t fixed it yet I’m curious what they did actually fix in this version? I’m continually disappointed with version 3 as a result of these issues.

It is a good application when it doesn’t crash

It crashes on various Macs with the latest Mac OS far too often and I lose my already written input. I send bug reports every time. This is not the quality I would expect for this price.

Task Display Due Date

I like Thngs 3 for its simplicity and the authors have bought a new “headings” component into project displays that allows for a deeper layering or grouping of tasks under a project. It could be used as “subproject” if desired. My complaint is that in the today list, there are no due date listings. Thus, a task that regularly repeats and was missed some days back will show as a duplicated title of the task in the today list. Even opening the task reveals no indication of when it was originally due. Both the current day task and the missed task merely say due today. That should be simple to correct for the authors of Things and would provide needed information for the users. For now, I must subtract a star.

Well designed, useful app

I’ve been a staunch supporter of The Hit List ever since I first migrated to the Mac in 2009. Unfortunately, progress on that app (and it’s iOS counterpart) have stagnated under the new ownership. As much as I love THL, I’ve been eyeing potential replacements and I think I’ve found it with Things 3. Things 3 has almost all of the features I loved in THL, with the exception of VIM-style keybindings for navigating around and triaging tasks (there are equivalent keystrokes in Things 3 but I don’t find them as easy or fluid yet). My only gripe right now (and much of this is muscle memory) is that all of the 1-letter keyboard shortcuts are now off limits because that is used to search for projects. I find myself typing ‘M’ to move a selected task to a project, as I did often in THL to move things out of the inbox, but in Things 3 this triggers a search for projects that start with “M…”. Yes, I can adjust to using ⌘M to move, but I think that moving tasks to other projects is probably more important/frequent than search. My suggestion would be to map search to a ⌘F and then you have the entire keyboard for 1-key shortcuts that could make this app even better. All that said it is a minor gripe and I’m super happy with Things 3.

No Need To Be Picky: This App IS Perfect

By perfect, it may not be your expectation. But I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and several hours looking, testing, and using apps to organize my hectic thoughts and unrealistic ambitions. I have full faith that Things will make these ambitions possible. All I can say is thank you to Cultured Code. I hope whomever reads this will use such a powerful utility to change the world for the better.

I am thrilled with Things 3.

It looks so beautiful and is so easy to use. Has many ingenious features, such as calendar integration, checklists, headings, and so on. It is a joy to use.

It's really overall amazing ... but

I just want to say I really enjoy using this app. I've been working on upping my time management game for a while now and this seemed to be the perfect thing for it. Before this, I had been relying on the built-in Apple Reminders, which were mostly good enough, but I ran into issues with longer term projects as it's hard to truly visualize tasks lists with that method. Switching over to Things allowed me to start making lists, longer term projects -> even to make templates to copy from when there are similar task lists. My main complaint about this app is that instead of paying once for the macOS and iOS apps you do have to pay separately, and different amounts, for the macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Watch apps. Now granted, I don't have all these devices but if I were to start buying more devices I would basically need to buy a new app each time. The other, albeit more minor, complaint, is that you do have to dig a little to give an item a notification time. This was something I noticed a lot since I was transitioning from using Apple Reminders, which is pretty much exclusively "notify me at this time" based.

Be careful when exporting from Things 2

After moving to Things 3, I remembered a random task or two that should have appeared in Today and hadn’t. Searching showed that it simply had moved from Things 2 to Things 3. That prompted me to search through every single task on Things 2 to confirm that everything moved. I’ve found many more tasks—and even entire projects—that didn’t move and some tasks that were duplicated in Things 3. The moral of this story is hang on to your copy of Thngs 2, where you might find that elusive task.

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