Things 3 App Reviews

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Perfect balance of tools and minimalism

Task management apps are plentiful. It makes finding the right one very difficult. I personally went through dozens of task and to-do checklist apps before I found Things. And it was a year later when my usage had continued to increase that I knew it was the one. Things gives you just the right about of freedom and tools to do what you want, without ever feeling overwhelmed with options. The keyboard shortcuts on the Mac version make it indespensible. It’s the perfect companion to the iPhone app, which I use regularly. It’s integration with Siri is fantastic. Well worth the price! And no subscription fees, which is a BIG selling point for me.

Excellent app

Update; the crashes I was experiencing seem to have been resolved in 3.6. I'm very happy! All the superlatives are true: the app is both gorgeous and a pleasure to use. But on a daily basis, it strangely stops recording input. Items are duplicated. The animation for checking an item off is immediately reversed. The controls to move an item around have no effect. If you switch away to another page and back, the display appears to be fixed. Then it crashes, and anything you've entered since the beginning of the day is lost. I've tried pre-emptively quitting when it starts behaving strangely, but the data is still lost. I find it very strange, because I also use it at home and haven't experienced a quarter of the problems as on my work machine. I wonder if the difference is that I don't use Things Cloud at work, as I do with my personal items. Regardless, I may have to switch to another app for work todos. I'm not sure I can trust Things anymore.

Couldn’t run my business without it!

This App is Amazing. It makes it so easy to add tasks, set reminders, categorize by “tags”, create projects - all without seeming clunky or to time consuming. I highly recomend it to anyone and everyone. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

Good, pricey

I use this and it’s good at what it does but, considering its simplicity and role, I find the pricing quite high and annoying — $50 for the desktop, then an additional $10 for your phone, then an additional $20 for your iPad. If nothing else the $50 fee should cover all three platforms. And of course if you work across various devices then you won’t be getting this app’s full functionality or realizing all of its benefits if you restrict yourself to just one version. Also, in my workplace universe, which includes using the likes of Airtable, Basecamp, etc, Things fits into my personal workflow quite well, but it’s pricing sticks out. I know it’s a bit of apples to oranges comparing Things to the others, but considering the breadth and depth of operations they offer compared to the rather straightforward role of Things, something seems off with the cost. I’m in and it’s part of my workflow now so I won’t be walking away, but in retrospect I might have been OK without ever using it. Tough to say. If you think you need something like this, it’s a good solution. But if Apple’s “Reminders” or something else is mostly doing the trick for you already, then I'd keep walking.

Crashes on open

I love this app. My favorite to do list app by far. But recently every time I open it, it immediately crashes. All other apps work fine, so it isn't my mac. Please fix!

Buggy app

Since upgrading to 3.6: 1. The product still crashes DAILY 2. The sorting of tasks on the Today view doesn’t match the sorting inside the project itself - the support team is aware of this issue but refuses to recognize it as a bug 3. The tasks on the Today view duplicate at the start of every day - the support team acknowledges this bug, and hasn’t fixed it yet I’m curious what they did actually fix in this version? I’m continually disappointed with version 3 as a result of these issues.

It is a good application when it doesn’t crash

It crashes on various Macs with the latest Mac OS far too often and I lose my already written input. I send bug reports every time. This is not the quality I would expect for this price.

Task Display Due Date

I like Thngs 3 for its simplicity and the authors have bought a new “headings” component into project displays that allows for a deeper layering or grouping of tasks under a project. It could be used as “subproject” if desired. My complaint is that in the today list, there are no due date listings. Thus, a task that regularly repeats and was missed some days back will show as a duplicated title of the task in the today list. Even opening the task reveals no indication of when it was originally due. Both the current day task and the missed task merely say due today. That should be simple to correct for the authors of Things and would provide needed information for the users. For now, I must subtract a star.

Well designed, useful app

I’ve been a staunch supporter of The Hit List ever since I first migrated to the Mac in 2009. Unfortunately, progress on that app (and it’s iOS counterpart) have stagnated under the new ownership. As much as I love THL, I’ve been eyeing potential replacements and I think I’ve found it with Things 3. Things 3 has almost all of the features I loved in THL, with the exception of VIM-style keybindings for navigating around and triaging tasks (there are equivalent keystrokes in Things 3 but I don’t find them as easy or fluid yet). My only gripe right now (and much of this is muscle memory) is that all of the 1-letter keyboard shortcuts are now off limits because that is used to search for projects. I find myself typing ‘M’ to move a selected task to a project, as I did often in THL to move things out of the inbox, but in Things 3 this triggers a search for projects that start with “M…”. Yes, I can adjust to using ⌘M to move, but I think that moving tasks to other projects is probably more important/frequent than search. My suggestion would be to map search to a ⌘F and then you have the entire keyboard for 1-key shortcuts that could make this app even better. All that said it is a minor gripe and I’m super happy with Things 3.

No Need To Be Picky: This App IS Perfect

By perfect, it may not be your expectation. But I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and several hours looking, testing, and using apps to organize my hectic thoughts and unrealistic ambitions. I have full faith that Things will make these ambitions possible. All I can say is thank you to Cultured Code. I hope whomever reads this will use such a powerful utility to change the world for the better.

I am thrilled with Things 3.

It looks so beautiful and is so easy to use. Has many ingenious features, such as calendar integration, checklists, headings, and so on. It is a joy to use.

It's really overall amazing ... but

I just want to say I really enjoy using this app. I've been working on upping my time management game for a while now and this seemed to be the perfect thing for it. Before this, I had been relying on the built-in Apple Reminders, which were mostly good enough, but I ran into issues with longer term projects as it's hard to truly visualize tasks lists with that method. Switching over to Things allowed me to start making lists, longer term projects -> even to make templates to copy from when there are similar task lists. My main complaint about this app is that instead of paying once for the macOS and iOS apps you do have to pay separately, and different amounts, for the macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Watch apps. Now granted, I don't have all these devices but if I were to start buying more devices I would basically need to buy a new app each time. The other, albeit more minor, complaint, is that you do have to dig a little to give an item a notification time. This was something I noticed a lot since I was transitioning from using Apple Reminders, which is pretty much exclusively "notify me at this time" based.

Be careful when exporting from Things 2

After moving to Things 3, I remembered a random task or two that should have appeared in Today and hadn’t. Searching showed that it simply had moved from Things 2 to Things 3. That prompted me to search through every single task on Things 2 to confirm that everything moved. I’ve found many more tasks—and even entire projects—that didn’t move and some tasks that were duplicated in Things 3. The moral of this story is hang on to your copy of Thngs 2, where you might find that elusive task.

Save your $50

This is ridiculous and NOT worth $50. There is no way to return the app or get a refund, so keep your dollars and spend them elsewhere. This is just a slightly nicer version of Things 2.


Just updating, the ipad version is reasonable, it’s actually better than the mac version. You can easily tag multiple tasks with the keyboard there, here we can’t!!! You need to hack creating a shortcut for each tag!! Also, you can’t save searches!!!! This ridiculous! Everything requires point and click, you can’t batch edit, batch copy and paste tasks and so on. Very slow, horrible interface.

Missing features

I keep expecting Things to support what I would think is basic Mac behaviour such as option dragging to duplicate a reminder, or being able to right clicking a date to make a reminder. These expectations are so ingrained that I find their absence frustrating. I guess this is iOS like ☹️

Excellent software!

I’ve been using Things 3 on my iPhone and Mac for several months now, and I’m very happy with the software. This is the first To-Do app that I’ve found really integrates well with my day-to-day workflow. I’m at the point now where if it’s not in Things, it probably won’t get done! Favorite features: 1. Ability to see calendar events within Things. Really useful feature! 2. Things Cloud. Love that everything is synced across my devices! 3. The ability to set up recurring To-Dos, and set reminders. This has had a tremendously positive impact on my ability to stay on top of things (no pun intended). Wishlist: 1. It would be cool if there was a way to automatically mark a task as complete when the last open sub-task (Checklist item) is marked complete.

I want to love it, but just can't

It does many things very well, and it is certainly the prettiest of all the to-do apps that I’ve seen. I wanted very much to love it and stick with it. But a few things got in my way - despite the many things that it does terrifically well. I hate that I can’t get a simple list of all the things I need to do in a single context. There are two impediments - first, there is no simple way to go to a context. You have to search and, when you do, you get a list that has the project or area names inserted in between teh tasks. You can’t just get a list and then sort it in various ways (by date, but priority, by name), and it’s a little hard to filter out the things that are not yet due/possible. That alone makes it very unfriendly to me. There are workaround for most of it (you can “hide later tasks”, but then it’s hidden no matter what view you are in, so you have to remember to do that BEFORE you search . . . ). Also, no sequential projects. Also, only one level of “nesting”. Basically, if you use it really as a task manager, I think it woudl work well. If you use it to store a lot of tasks and projects with various conditionalities, and you want to be able to filter to bring things down to a useful view, it isn’t as strong. And - a warning - there is no export function, so make sure you want to stay before you input a lot of things into it. Now that I’ve decided to leave, I’m regretting seriously all the time I spent putting things in, because it is so hard to get them out. (Oh, and the snarky response from the support team when I pointed out one thing I wished the app could do did not enhance my positive feelings. Perhaps you do think the suggestion is stupid, but it is customary not to suggest that in your response.)

It’s the best. Period!

Things 3 has features that other Task/Project Management software don’t offer: 1) The ability to add headings in projects to indicate milestones, phases, or categories 2) Support for today and tonight dates to differentiate tasks (business vs personal ones that are done after work) 3) A clean, non-cluttered interface 4) (and this is HUGE!) support for start dates and deadline dates. Most apps like Todoist for example, support a due date, but many people working on projects need to show task start dates as well. For the price, Things 3 can’t be beat! Such a great app!!!!

I’ve tried them all

I’ve tried about every task manager on the market. Things 3 is by far the best! Great interface, usability, and the sync is flawless across devices. Very clean and simple design. The last thing I want is a task manager that requires me to make a task to set aside time to learn how to use it. This is by far the best one on the market.

Quality, Userfriendly, Intuitive

I’ve tried them all and this one is the best. Wunderlist has not been updated in the past two years, and unfortunately for me, neither did my process. Yesterday, I took the plunge to switch, and I bought all three apps (ipad, iphone, and Mac). Glad I did. I like the objects feature and how I can craft it to suit my needs. Very well thought out to do app.

Simple Features Missing

I just shelled out $80 to ditch Apple’s Reminders to switch to Things. Its difficult to leave the Apple ecosystem and their core iCloud apps with all their integrations. So an app like this needs to be worth it, besides the cost. I will upgrade my stars and become an advocate if I can. Here is my list: • I can’t sort lists? Either alphabetically, or by importance? I am using the areas feature, but even within those I will have long lists that I need to quickly be able to find tasks. • Saving projects when done for next year when they have to be completed again. If I just log them, they go in the basket and I risk loosing them, and having to recreate a lot of tasks. Features I like: • Apple Watch integration is great and more functional than Reminders. I like the status feature as a complication on my watch face. Not clear if the app benefits from the LTE availability yet. Hope so. Just started using it yesterday, so I will update my review as I use it.


After using the iOS application for a few months, I decided to take the plunge and spend the 50 dollars on the Mac App. What a great decision that was! This app does what its supposed to do (no pun intended), and does it extremely well while looking fantastic. I would absolutely recommend this app over any other task app out there. While the price is expensive upfront, theres no subscription fees which actually makes this app WAY cheaper in the long run. The ONLY drawback is the inability to have shared tasks with another Things user. I’m hoping they add that functionality in the near future, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Would definitely recommend!

Beautiful design, easy to use

Like any to-do management system, Things works best if you give yourself over to its system. You’ll get out of it what you put into it. Its ability to act like a “clean piece of paper” makes it very versatile yet simple. Great for organizing tasks but also keeping on top of projects and breaking down goals into practical steps. The only thing I’d ask for is a web-based platform so that I could access my to-do lists while at work (using the e-mail to Things function is great, but accessing my list on my phone when I’m using my PC at work seems limiting). But overall, amazing product.

Tames my Things

I love this app so much. I should say I love THESE apps so much because I bought for my iPhone and iPad also! I’m hooked. It’s clean, easy-to-use, and very intuitive. I’ve tried so many applications. Haven’t we all! (I removed the names of the other apps, so as not to throw anyone under the bus; you know them.) I even tried Things2, but it was disappointing. This elegant program does it all and syncs to all devices, so you can add and make changes on the go. I use my laptop a lot, so a program with a laptop application was key for me. I needed something easy to use, and this really is. It became essential almost immediately. I love that Things gets out of the way, but stays up to date and keeps me on track. What I love, love, love is that when you check that a task is done, it disappears! Seems like an easy thing, but most other programs require YOU to move the deleted items or they don’t move them at all. The undone tasks stay in your view but not in a bothersome way. You can also establish projects, create checklists, set deadlines and add tags. This is a wonderful application, and I’m thrilled that Cultured Code kept at it until they got it right. I feel so much more aware of what I need to do and can easily add tasks to get them on an electronic list and out of my head. Good job Cultured Code!!

Changed my life, but asks a high price for it

Things has changed my life, it is absolutely wonderful. It is excellent design at its best, not just visual design but a UI that has limits and flexibility in all the best ways to improve life. The iOS versions, separate apps for iPhone and iPad, cost a lot and hurt a little, but were SO worth it. The Mac version, though is just too expensive. It hurt ALOT to pay such a high price. I begrudgingly admit that it is probably worth it, but my usage of things is now tinged with anger and guilt.

Just the Best

The two killer features that caused me to stop using things years ago 1. Not allowing me to order the tasks in the Today view independent of the Project order 2. Project Templates, using Project duplicate They are in Things 3 now, this is awesome! I love this app! Ok just one complaint, I hate the all white, I prefer the old things PC with 3d gray bars I loved that look, this look I do not like, too bright and hard on my eyes. But that is just aesthetic, everything else is very clean and awesome and uncluttered. Brilliant!

The BEST to-do list app!

Thank you so much for creating Things 3! Keep up the great work. This is the best to-do app that I have ever used. It keeps me organized, focused and most importantly less distracted. I love, love the simple clean UI/UX design. It’s so nice to add a new to-do in the inbox throughout the day as I remember things that I need to get done but haven’t decided when I will do them. I am now less stressful and feeling very accomplished everyday!

It just gets better and better!

i have been using Things for quite a whil enow and it just gets beter and better. As a GTD person, this helps me manage and focus. If you live in an Apple world.. this is a must have application. walking i can tell Siri on my apple watch to remind me to do something and it shows up via reminders in my Inbox. I have it on ever device and my world stays connected. the app has reached a mature level of functionality that can new tackle the complexity wth simplicity.

No way to export data

This application needs to support exporting user’s data. Holding info in the app with no way to export all data to a CSV or JSON is not ok in 2018. The app supports importing from competitor’s applications, but has no options to leave Things than manually going through and copying out data.

Everything I’ve always wanted; especially tagging!

I've just downloaded the trial. I'm 15 minutes in, and I've already bought it. It's beautiful. It's clean. Custom tags give me so much power. The search across the entire set of projects is fast and easy. The built-in 'Today' view is perfect. Cultured Code really nailed it.

Best to-do app I’ve ever used… and I’ve tried a lot

I’ve tried everything under the sun… Wunderlist, Microsoft to-do, Google Keep, Asana, Todoist, TickTick, Dynalist, Workflowy, Omnifocus (and probably a dozen more), and also tried switching back to paper planner like the 90s, LOL…. nothing matches the sheer speed and user-oriented design of Things. Can you believe it’s so good that it necessitated me switching from Android to iPhone for mobile access. Serious hats off to Cultured Code. The user research they did when making every little design decision must have been comprehensive and amazing.

An Organized Designer, Thanks To Things

Is it true that designers are unorganized? Maybe, but I wouldn’t know- I depend on Things to keep me straight, organized, and productive. And Things helps me get a really good handle on what needs to be done by project so I can prioritize. I’ve tried them ALL, over the years; I’ve paid $$ hundreds, I have used the free ones, and I wrote for my own use a Filemaker Pro solution. And I won’t lie: there are some darn good competitors to Things, apps written by thoughtful people. But: the guys at Things just ‘get it’. And if you’re reading this review, thinking about purchase, I have there words for you: Just. Do. It.

used it two minutes ...

Tried to make an item subordinate to another. Can’t. How about select the item and hit tab? Couldn’t read the text, which is too small for my taste. Hit command plus to magnify it. Nothing. These are trivial observations based on 5 minutes of use. For $50, I’m beginning to think some reviews are a bit skewed. Reminiscent of bate and switch.

Couldn’t get by without it

Title says it all. I’ve organized all my projects/to-dos/notes/etc in Things on my Mac and iPhone and I’d be lost without it.

So far so… just WOW

I’ve reviewed apps before and have in most instances been impressed, but usually in a sense that it is a solid app for the purpose, perhaps better than others in the field, and in limited cases simply better than the previous alternative—no app had been previously available. In other words, the bar hasn’t always been set very high. But in the case of Things 3, whose features I’ve admittedly only begun to uncover, I’m wildly impressed. As a freelance graphic designer, I have always experienced difficulty organizing, prioritizing, and re-prioritizing in real time the fast mixed rain of small and large tasks; and short- and long-term projects; and groups of clients throughout each work day. In the short week or so I’ve been using Things 3, not only have I been able to accomplish all of these tasks but have done so with an ease and confidence I could not have imagined. And that’s not hyperbole. I recognize now that I have had lowered expectations from even the best-reviewed apps. The way Things 3 is organized, the ways it allows easy, fast entry of and modifications to information at all levels and of all types, all in pace with the tragically manic nature of my work, I literally did not think this sort of complete control was possible. I’m very busy but was motivated to review Things 3 to shout my appreciation, to urge others to try it for themselves, and to spur my fellow designers to aim higher. Clean, well-designed, and truly humanly useful is possible.

Just about perfect task management app!!

I have been using Things since version 1 back in like 2010. I love love love this app and it keeps getting better. Things 3 at first seemed like mostly a nice UI overhaul, but as I continued discovering their new workflow methods and all the new features, I realized how incredibly powerful it is. It has so many ways to organize your tasks – Project Headers and now collapsible Areas has helped immensely with managing many tasks and keeping me sane. I would still love to see collapsible Project Headers, dependencies, and an “All Tasks Due” quick view (which we had in Things 1-2). But overall, I feel way less overwhelmed and more in control of my hundreds of projects, thousands of tasks, etc that have been created over the years. As an added bonus, the iOS version is like 100 times better than Things 2 and syncs seamlessly with the desktop app. I’m not one of those people complaining about the price(s)…considering how much work is put into the app and the updates (which, yes, were extremely slow between Things 2 to 3), I think it’s well worth it. I tried out OmniFocus 1 and 2, but it just doesn’t work for my design or workflow sensibilities. Things is the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity – NOT an easy task to pull off. Last thing…I do have a bunch of UI suggestions (small visual tweaks for consistency and better user experience), but I’ll leave those for another review ;)

horrible text size issues

Love the app but the text size issue is nuts… text is way to small (very notice’able on my 34” LG widescreen) - and there is no setting to increase font size… on top of that there is a huge white margin around the task list of completely wasted space.

Loved Things before, Love T3 even more!

I’ve used Things for a long time, and Things 3 is the best yet. There are a few things I’d still like to see: I unexpectedly love the new Headings, which let me do some organization without separation, and they’re so useful, I’d love to see Headings in Areas too, rather than just in Projects. I’d love to see a few basic (please don’t go crazy, just a few) text formatting options in a To Do’s notes (or in a Project’s or an Area’s): just bold, italic, or maybe Heading/Body/Comment pre-canned styles, as well as a list format (sometimes I want to organize in a list with - or • delimiters but a full checklist is too much). And… Undo. I’d love to have Undo, on macOS and iOS. These are things that I’m confident they’ll address somehow, and none are currently show-stoppers. It works well, it’s quick, syncs fast and reliably between my iPad, Mac, and iPhone. The app is awesome and just keeps getting better.

Wonderful task eco-system!

This latest update makes an already “best in class” app even better. Thank you for the little things, like tag searching in iOS. I’ve been using Things since 1.0; it is an integral part of my computing experience and life management. I love the adapatation of the Getting Things Done paradigm. It’s just simply the best task management app there is; the fact that it’s seamless across my devices makes it highly valuable to me. I give this app the highest recommendation possible - I’d give it 6 six stars.


It is extremely frustrating that the software - both OSX and iOS - lacks the ability to CHANGE THE FONT SIZE. I wish I had known that this was not an option before I paid for all three versions of the app (macbook, iPhone and iPad). I just assumed that allowing users to ADJUST THE TEXT TO A READABLE SIZE would be a basic setting.

It is better than most but still have major flaws

I have been using this app for few months and like many users it is growing on me, both the good and the bad. The overall design is great but has some major limitations. Think of a painting of mona lisa with one of her key features such as eyes/smile gotten wrong. This is like that. Mona lisa with a defect. I have a long list of the defects but dont have time. Here is some. 1. When a task is done under a heading,and you are showing the logged task, why not show it under the heading!! all logged tasks shows as one list thereby negating the design of heading. 2. Need a better Notes section! Seriously! To enter notes by dates, i need to add a date and notes below it. Folks can you do something as simple as Todoist is doing? Enter notes and it is saved by date/time? 3. What’s up with no other modes of sync? Omnifocus supports Webdav sync and works flawlessly. I want to keep my data to myself. Given the uproar of privacy happening and a bill coming up very soon, folks you really need to give users the option to store the data at their end (even if it comes with a bit of ineffectiveness). Let the user decide.

Great, but still room for improvement

I am switching over from Wunderlist, mostly because I like how clean Things 3 is and because of some of the features like projects. Currently, my biggest gripe is that reminders cannot be set on a different day than the day of the todo. I personally like to set the todo on its due date and remind myself to complete it a few days before. One could also use the deadline feature to specify when it is due, and set the todo and it’s reminder for an earlier day. However, this is more visually confusing as the todo will not appear on the day it is due. Please add this feature! Otherwise, the app is beatiful and packed full of great features. The layout is very intuitive, the features are robust and Things 3 is conducive to productivity

Great, but corporate users beware

I’ve used Things on my iPhone for a while now and decided to jump in and buy the macOS app. Its great and has really helped me juggle a lot of long complicated projects and the due dates for those deliverables. I wish it was a bit more click & dragey like the iPhone app is, like dragging the + sign to a project would start a new item in that project. All-in-all its a nice app, but I’m decking it 2 stars for a big reason. Things doesn’t support iCloud sync like almost every other app in the world. They use their own “Things Cloud” which my corporate provisioned laptop using MacAfee, ZScaler, and VMWare Airwatch cannot access. The app works, but is totally landlocked to my MacBook Pro. Other 3rd party apps that I have purchased like 1Password & Fantastical 2 have no issues and I can use iCloud to sync with them, but Things just says “You do not have an Internet Connection”. I’ve contacted my Help Desk & Things and am now stuck in the middle of a finger pointing session. If you have a corporate Mac (never thought I’d say that 10 years ago) and need sync, buyer beware.

Great app BUT it keeps on crashing

THINGS3 is a fantastic upgrade BUT . . . in my experience THINGS3 crashes on my iMac about 4-5 times per week. Every time it crashes, it generates a report and asks you to submit a comment. I’ve complained about 80 times re this crashing problem, asking THINGS to fix it, but I’ve never received a reply. LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE! If the situation improves, I’d be happy to amend this negative review. But I’m still waiting for THINGS to reply.

Things 3 simple but powerful

After the two week trial, I have decided to purchase Things 3 across all platforms. I like the headings feature, and the tags were a must. I also link back to projects tasks from other apps which is also an effective feature which other apps lack. OmniFocus 2 was my primary task manager but I decided to put it down for a while and keep using Things 3 instead.

A joy to work with

Had it for a bit now. Things is a wonderful application to work with. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of say Omnifocus, it makes great use of what it does have. It’s very versatile.

Too expensive for the features it lacks

$80 to be able to use it across the Apple environment, I was hoping for so much more. The joke that is “sharing” on Things is making me search hard for a replacement. Sharing is limited to unformatted text of what you want to share and collaboration is impossible. Unless you complete all projects and to-dos by yourself and have no need to share your work with anyone else, take your money elsewhere.

Almost everything I could ask for

I have been a devout user of 2Do since it came out years ago, and Things 3 does almost everything I used to be able to do with 2Do — but better! With Things 3 I feel compelled to organize my tasks, because the interface is just that inviting and clean. Indeed, there is a level of customizability with Things 3 that 2Do lacks. With Areas, Projects, Headings, Tasks, and Checklists, I have a high-level of organization with my heavily-detailed projects for work that 2Do cannot match as effortlessly*. That being said, Things 3 could benefit from some new features. Firstly, COLOR CODING. I miss greatly the ability to color-code projects/areas in 2Do. Something as simple as color-coding projects would be awesome for my visual learning system. Secondly, NOTES for tasks should be handled better (in the case of long notes). I often have paragraphs of notes that I have for long-term projects, and the longer a note is the longer the Task window becomes. It would be nice to be able to open a Task and then scroll through a note through a more ‘fixed’ window size. Thirdly, URLs need to “play nicer” with the Task window. Something as awesome as the Command-K hyperlinking function would be great, so I can hyperlink an app (Say, “Airmail”) with just one word, rather than seeing the entire URL scheme written out as the hyperlink to that app. This also perpetuates the problem mentioned above with respect to NOTES. Fourthly, linking CALENDAR events to third-party calendars would be amazing. I use Fantastical for all-things calendar. Clicking on a calendar entry and seeing additional detail (such as Location, Calendar Notes, and End Time) would be awesome to do within Things 3. However, merely linking to a third-party calendar would be just as good for me. This would be great if this URL linking to third party apps was handled well (see above point). I see myself continuing to use Things 3 for the foreseeable future! I also look forward to the future features which can make this app shine brighter than it already does. *[For those interested, in 2Do I’d need to make a Smart List (to replicate the “Area” functionality of Things 3) and organize by Project (to replicate the “Project” level of Things 3) to have Tasks under them, but there was no analogous function for Headings and Checklists (at those respective levels). I’d have only Projects OR Checklists, not a checklist WITHIN a project with 2Do. I never realized how useful this feature was until I saw it in Things 3!]

It’s very good, but UI can be confusing

I”ve bounced around to many task list managers, from an earlier version of things to Asana, Wonderlist, etc, etc, and came back to Things when 3.0 was released. Version 3 is lauded for it’s user interface, and it definitely looks good and does many things well.. It’s simple to break your tasks into categories such as Work, Home, Personal, etc, filter by them, see all our tasks for the day, and your upcoming tasks over the next few days and weeks, and it even displays your calendar appointments to give you a full view of your day. Where it’s confusing is in some of the little things you’ll do a lot. 1) It’s a chore to create a repeating task. When you create a new task there is no apparent way to do it. First you have to save it, then select it again, and then find the options menu item (…). And sometimes the options won’t even display Repeating as an option. Why? I don’t know. 2) Things has a cool “This Evening” list, when you start your day you can mark tasks as evening tasks to move them into it so they display at the end of your Today list. And it lets you schedule tasks by time, to get a reminder when it’s due. But you can’t schedule repeating tasks or tasks on future days to be evening tasks, you can only move today's tasks into the evening list. Even if you scheduled at task at an evening time, Things doesn’t understand it should be displayed in the "This Evening" list. So every morning you have to manually drag tasks from your lists to this evenings list. 3) You can drag a task to a category to quickly add it to that category. Unless it’s a repeating task, and then only that day’s instance of it will be categorized. When it next repeats, it will be uncatagorized all over again.

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